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Attorney and mediator Tanya brings over 25 years of experience working with a diverse range of clients. As a seasoned attorney with an extensive and diverse background in alternate conflict resolution, Tanya works with both parties to bring clarity, simplicity and efficiency to what can be a long, complex and costly process. Her goal is to help her clients find resolutions that enable them to move forward with their careers, their business, and their lives.

Mediation and arbitration offer individuals as well as businesses a chance to present their case directly to a mutually selected neutral party. Mediation gives both sides the opportunity to work towards a mutually beneficial resolution that they come up with – rather than leaving that decision to a judge or jury. And mediation and arbitration can level the playing field in other ways, freeing up both parties’ time, resources and money.

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“I have mediated several employment cases with Tanya. Tanya is professional, knowledgeable, and fair. Tanya works tirelessly throughout the mediation to facilitate a resolution. I highly recommend Tanya to mediate your employment dispute.”

Louis Smith, Co-Owner

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“Tanya is one of the most gifted mediators I have encountered in my career in law and public policy. The most important quality in a mediator is the capacity to engage clients with dignity; Tanya knows this is the way to be heard by a plaintiff. She has the tactical savvy to see a pathway to results before the parties see it. The litigation bar in Atlanta is lucky to have her talents.”

Artur Davis, Former US Congressman
Plaintiff’s Employment Attorney

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“Had a wonderful experience mediating with Tanya. Really appreciated her willingness to listen and push both sides when she felt necessary. Highly recommend her as a mediator. She has great attention to detail and can read the room well.”

Bianca Svensson, Attorney
Martenson Hasbrouck & Simon LLP

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“I strongly recommend Tanya for complex employment law disputes! She mediated a case for me and my client and did a very good job. I will definitely use her again. Money well spent!”

Casey Crumbley, Partner
Smith, Welch, Webb & White, LLC

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“Tanya was a mediator recommended by opposing counsel for a delicate case. She listened to my client, heard her concerns, felt her angst, and settled satisfactorily. I have already put her on the top of our mediator picks and have recommended her for upcoming cases. Hopefully she continues to bring that magic wand with her. Thank you Tanya. Look forward to working with you again. Soon.”

Arcangela Mazzariello, Litigation Counsel
SeiferFlatow, PLLC

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“Tanya has all the qualities one wants in a mediator. She cares about the process. She creates rapport quickly. She expertly navigates through the log jams. And she will spend as much time as it takes for the parties to resolve their dispute. Tanya is consistent and effective.”

Alan H. Garber, Representing Employees in the Workplace
The Garber Law Firm, P.C.

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“Tanya does an excellent job in all phases of mediation. She talks with counsel to understand nuances and applies that knowledge to focus the parties. Tanya explores disputed issues’ impact on the case, keeping the focus on settlement. She is diligent, patient and keeps the parties engaged. Once settlement is reached, she follows up. I recommend Tanya for mediation.”

Brad Adler, Attorney
Representing employers in employment claims and miscellaneous professional liability matters

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“I recently participated in a video mediation with Bay Mediation and Tanya Tate as our mediator. It was a new experience for most of us, but I would say it went very well and as efficient as possible. Tanya did a fantastic job, as always. For anyone who is unable to do in-person mediations, the video option was great and easy to figure out. I would highly recommend it!”

Sheri Bagheri, Labor & Employment Attorney
Sheri Bagheri Law

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“Tanya is a badass mediator!!! In the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda, she “pulled a stalemate from the jaws of defeat” and ultimately got a case settled in a place that made both sides happy (as happy as they can be after a mediation). She truly went above and beyond in the face of tough circumstances and I can’t say enough about how awesome Tanya is as a mediator and a person. You won’t regret hiring her!!”

Allison Averbuch, Employment Attorney
Hall Booth Smith, P.C.

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“I have used Tanya as a mediator on several cases and always had a great experience. She is well prepared, builds good relationships with the parties, and can effectively talk with them about their cases. She works hard to get the parties to a resolution and is fair and balanced in her approach. I would definitely recommend Tanya and will use her again.”

David Cole, JD, CIPP/US
Data Security & Privacy and Employment Law Attorney

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“I have worked with Tanya as a mediator on several high exposure, complicated employment cases. Her attention to detail and dedication is second to none. She worked hard to understand the parties’ positions in light of the case and applicable law. Her ability to be candid while building rapport with the parties, is exactly what you want in a mediator—and something that is all too often missing.”

Sean Keenan, Partner
Cruser & Mitchell, LLP

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“I recently mediated a very challenging employment matter with Tanya Tate acting as the mediator. She was knowledgeable, professional, and persistent. She gained the trust of the client and counsel for all parties. I would not hesitate to retain Ms. Tate’s mediation services in the future.”

Rachel Barlotta, Employment Attorney
Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz

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“Tanya is an outstanding mediator. She develops a strong rapport with participants and works tirelessly to see matters through. I highly recommend Tanya. “

Thomas Mew, Partner
Buckley Beal, LLP

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“My firm has enlisted Tanya to mediate numerous cases and she has done an excellent job in assisting the parties reach resolutions. She’s well prepared and has a very congenial personality that is well suited for mediating. I highly recommend Tanya as a mediator.”

Severin Roberts, Partner
Barrett & Farahany

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“Tanya is great at building rapport and trust. She helped my client settle a case with a very fragile plaintiff and handled the emotions involved very successfully. I highly recommend her for employment mediations.”

Janell Ahnert, Attorney / Shareholder

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“I highly recommend Tanya as a Mediator. Her expertise in both the Law and the art of Mediation is matched by her ability to work with people in the most difficult of circumstances. Tanya recently helped our client resolve a difficult, emotional case; one most mediators would have given up on. Tanya’s reputation in the Atlanta Legal Community as a professional and dedicated Mediator is deserved.”

Dan Kniffen, Of Counsel
Drew Eckl & Farnham

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“A successful mediator must have a firm grasp of the law, must understand the parties’ positions, and must have the patience to work beyond the parties’ resistance. Tanya Tate has all of these skills in spades and gets results.”

Ian Smith, Partner
Spire Law Firm

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“Tanya is an amazing mediator. She was very professional, knowledgeable and understanding of both sides during the mediation and made sure the client understands the process. What I was most impressed with is Tanya’s dedication to follow up with both parties and her efforts to help us settle the case after the mediation. I would highly recommend her!”

Liliya Makhlaychuk-Sharma, Partner
Bair Wilson Sharma, LLC

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“Tanya did a great job for us mediating a very contentious business dispute. She had knowledge of the law that gave her credibility with the parties and worked hard to get all sides to thoughtfully consider our respective positions and the benefits of an agreed upon outcome. I will definitely use her again for mediation and recommend her to others for business cases.”

Jeffrey DeLoach, Partner
Epps, Holloway, DeLoach & Hoipkemier, LLC

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“I recently used Tanya in a mediation and was very satisfied with her services. Not only was she adequately prepared, she handled my client well and assured him that he his voice was being heard. Not only do I highly recommend Tanya, I will be using her services again.”

Adeash (Aj) Lakraj, Esq., Attorney
The Leach Firm

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“I worked with Tanya as a mediator for the first time recently. She knew the law, was completely prepared, treated my client with respect, gave candid input, and moved the mediation efficiently to a good conclusion for both parties despite some unusual challenges. Tanya was a pleasure to work with. I recommend Tanya without qualification, and I plan to find chances to hire her again.”

Steven Wolfe, Partner
Legare, Attwood & Wolfe, LLC

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“Tanya does an outstanding job as a mediator and I recommend her without hesitation. She is evaluative and takes the time to really learn your case. She is well versed in employment law, which adds to her effectiveness.”

Carole Miller, Employment Litigator

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“Tanya was very helpful, especially after the formal mediation. She stayed involved, and provided suggestions and advice to both sides until an agreement was reached.”

Harvey R. Linder, Adjunct Professor
Emory University School of Law

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“Tanya recently mediated an employment dispute for us. She is professional, personable, knowledgeable, and made our client very comfortable with the process. She was able to effectively help bring the issue to a resolution.”

Josh Joel, Employment litigator

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“Tanya did a fantastic job mediating a case for me. Both parties were far apart when the mediation began, and entrenched in their positions. Despite significant challenges, she worked creatively to reach a resolution — and got us there well before the mediation was scheduled to end. I highly recommend her.”

Ben Pope, Shareholder
Littler Mendelson

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“Tanya Tate connects with the participants in a mediation effectively. She allows for the mediation process to develop in a constructive method so that each side recognizes that her communicating proposals, conditions and messages is being done in useful fashion.”

Richard Gerakitis, Partner
Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders

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“Tanya impressed my client and me at our recent mediation. Not only did the case resolve for good value, Tanya continued to work until it was resolved even though she received news of a death in the family during the mediation. I would definitely use her again.”

Eleanor Attwood, Partner
Legare, Attwood & Wolfe, LLC

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“Tanya mediated a series of employment claims between the EEOC and a defendant that were both complex and contentious. Her knowledge of the law and her experience having represented individuals as well as employers was instrumental in the parties reaching a resolution that I am not sure could have been reached without her assistance.”

Steven Wagner, Senior Trial Attorney
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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“Tanya and her firm handled a mediation case for our firm several years ago involving a terminated employee. They demonstrated knowledge in dealing with the issues at hand and helped turn a very negative matter that could have interuppted business for a couple years into something that was able to be resolved and settled in one day. I would definitely recommend Tanya and her team to help mediate matters.”

Doug Langley, Financial Advisor
GFS Advisory

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“Tanya is one of the most gifted mediators I have encountered in my career in law and public policy. The most important quality in a mediator is the capacity to engage clients with dignity; Tanya knows this is the way to be heard by a plaintiff. She has the tactical savvy to see a pathway to results before the parties see it. The litigation bar in Atlanta is lucky to have her talents.”

Artur Davis, Former US Congressman
Plaintiff’s Employment Attorney

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