Attorney Practice

While Tanya Tate specializes in resolving business-related conflict, she has developed her law practice with the belief that proper legal guidance can help minimize legal vulnerability and conflict risks for businesses.  With that goal in mind, Tanya Tate provides her clients with a range of legal consulting services.

Policy Development

When developing policies for a business, it is essential to abide by the complex laws involving employment to reduce your risk of a lawsuit.  Ms. Tate will assist in developing these policies and procedures as well as drafting the handbooks to communicate your organizational policies to your staff.

Contract and Covenant Agreement Development

Developing contracts and covenant agreements that are fair and compliant to the laws involved requires legal expertise.  Ms. Tate develops, drafts, and reviews all forms of business contracts for her clients to ensure the contract’s legality.  If disputes arise, Ms. Tate can provide mediation to resolve the conflict without litigation.

Staff Training

Conducting employee relations training sessions to educate your staff is a way to reduce your organization’s risk of a lawsuit.  Ms. Tate develops customized training session with topics including sexual harassment, sensitivity training, disciplinary actions, ethics and compliance, conflict resolution, and effective management skills.  Contact Tanya Tate to discuss your organization’s needs.

Areas of Practice

Employment Law Litigation

Employment hiring and firing issues

Negotiation of severance packages

Contractual disputes

Drafting, reviewing and litigating restrictive covenant agreements

Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property

Drafting and Implementation of Employee Handbooks

Business Partnership Disputes

HR Audits

Employment Investigations

Training of executives and employees in employment law issues