Workplace Investigations & Audits

Employment disputes and employee complaints can arise for any company. Investigations into employee complaints require efficiency and discretion to ensure an accurate analysis of the situation and minimal impact on the organization. With the goal of resolving institutional conflict, a properly handled investigation may help to avoid costly litigation and preserve the integrity of an organization, not to mention helping a company correct problematic behavior in the workplace.

Investigations into employment complaints are complex, involving legal issues and specific protocols. In addition to being impartial and thorough, Tanya is a well-trained investigator with a full understanding of employment law, issues surrounding confidentiality, the investigation process, and organizational documentation standards. Tanya understands that a mishandled investigation can lead to litigation against both the organization and the investigator. Tanya’s years of experience conducting employment dispute investigations provide her clients with peace of mind, knowing a seasoned attorney is handling their case.

There are many reasons organizations and their lawyers turn to Tanya to conduct the investigations necessary following an employment complaint, including lack of investigational expertise within an organization, inability to conduct an impartial investigation with the current staff, conflict issues and preservation of attorney-client privilege.

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