Commercial Business Disputes

Commercial business disputes can cover a wide range of legal matters. For many businesses – especially small to medium businesses involving parties that cannot afford the time and financial commitments of trial – mediation and arbitration is the ideal solution. Mediation is particularly well-suited for disputes involving parties that still aim to maintain a business relationship.

Commercial business disputes can cover shareholder and partnership disputes, breach of fiduciary duties, employment litigation, restrictive covenants, trade secrets, contracts and torts, corporate litigation, insurance coverage, and school law, to name a few.

Sometimes disputes can arise even with a clear partnership agreement in place. Business disputes are often complex, vague, and involve many considerations, sometimes involving state and federal law. Tate Mediation and Arbitration can bring parties to a conclusion that addresses the financial, relational, and emotional needs of both parties.

TateLaw_Services Business Disputes

Tate Mediation & Arbitration specializes in several areas of business and employment:

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