Premises Liability & Personal Injury

Personal Injury:

Tanya has represented both insureds and insurers in cases involving claims for injuries in claims for injuries and deaths arising from motor vehicle accidents. She took many of these cases to trial and has also settled a multitude of such cases as both an advocate and a neutral.

Premises Liability:

Premise liability cases include matters in which there are allegations of a slip and fall, inadequate security, dog bites, or an otherwise defective condition on the premises. Premise liability litigation cases can be a complex as they often require an analysis and balance of both liability and causation issues.

Tanya has litigated and mediated numerous premises liability cases ranging from slip and fall, to defective construction to landlord or owner liability for sexual assault and other violent crimes. Many of her cases have focused on foreseeability and prior knowledge issues, including a case centered around the foreseeability of a drive-by shooting at a restaurant and the foreseeability of hotel and apartment sexual assaults. Tanya has also handled cases involving landlord liability for various leased premises conditions, including one case involving tenant deaths resulting from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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